W-PLUS Club activities in our institutions to impart writing skills to our students which not only encourages them to produce their own pieces of writing but also builds up their confidence levels to construct proper sentences with rich vocabulary. This bridges the gap between reading and writing and associates them to communicate and speak effectively during E-Plus sessions.

          The W-Plus Club has started with a deep-rooted intention to enhance the writing skills of students and equipping them with sound knowledge in producing their own pieces of writing thereby ceasing the conventional method of learning and producing text by-heart. The main objective of the Club is to develop the skill of writing by introducing guided comprehension which boosts up their creativity and thinking capacity. The activities in this club engage, encourage, enrich, equip and enhance the ability to recollect, record, relate and revise various pieces of information and thereby produce articles purely based on their own knowledge.

          The activities in these clubs bridge the gap between reading and writing and associate them to communicate and speak effectively in the real life setting which is the ultimate objective. The E-Plus Club and W-Plus Club assist in acquiring English language and also act as effective tools in the teaching-learning situations.

          W-Plus Club activity is being conducted every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and the topics will be forwarded from the Head Office.

          The Principals display the topics on the “NOTICE BOARD”in EVERY CLASS ROOM and in EVERY DORMITORY, so as to enable the students to read the topics every day and prepare for the E-Plus Club and W-Plus Club.


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