The School

The School

My School, TTWR School, Balanagar, I feel, is one of the best schools in Mahabubnagar district. It is a very convenient point as it is situated on the national high way and the ambience of the school is quite inviting and welcoming. I took admission in VI class in this school in 2012 with an ambition to become a teacher. Later I got selected for Civil Service Foundation Course in IX class. This was the turning point of my life as my goal shifted from IAS to IPS with the inspiring words of our beloved Secretary Sir. I remember the great quotation, "Think like Genius, Work like Giant and Live like a Saint."

My school offers everyone to take part in many activities like games and sports, E-plus Club, Youth Parliament, Ignite Fest, W-Plus Club, dancing, singing etc. I am fortunate enough to be one of the School Council members and the Literary Secretary of the Emerald Group. Students of every class in our school are divided into four groups like Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald and Topaz. Many competitions are being held among these groups.

I got the opportunity to participate in Synergy and Summer Samurai. My parents also felt happy for participating in the IMPACT programme. My school is the best with best ttrainings who are very friendly and at same time tune us to be more disciplined and shower us with parental affection. That is why I love my school very much and I am very proud of it.


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