Curriculum Overview

Curriculum as we are very well aware is broadly defined as the totality of student experiences that occur in the educational process.

In TTWREIS, Curriculum is the main crux of the whole educational process without which we cannot conceive any educational endeavour. Our curriculum has been designed, keeping in view, the three main approaches:

Society – centered
Knowledge - centered

Academic Calendar

The TTWREI Society meticulously prepares the Academic Calendar every year keeping in view of the vision and priorities of the Society. The academic calendar is designed to help,nurture and create best possible educational experience for every child.

New Quality Policy-2016

TTWREIS has introduced a unique New Quality Policy (2016) under P- 5 Model (2012) to empower ttrainings to meet the challenges of the 21st century and to uplift the academic standards of the students.To enable ttrainings to realize their full potential on their own by learning from each other.


Our Innovation

E Plus Club

E-Plus club activity is carefully designed to increase the confidence of the students, give them a platform where they can practice and communicate without any inhibitions and impart industry- specific skills that students will have to think logically,

W Plus Club

In addition to E-PLUS Club activities it has been decided to simultaneously run W-PLUS Club activities in our institutions to impart writing skills to our students which not only encourages them to produce their own pieces of writing but also builds up their confidence levels,

Young Leaders Summit

Young Leaders Camp for the students of TSWR & TTWR Institutions during summer 2016. The total No. of students 1348 i.e from TSWR =1078nos. & TTWR 270 students.

Youth Parliament

Youth Parliament Camp for the students of TTWR Institutions during summer 2016.

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